About Us

A Wayfarerr is a traveler, especially on foot, traveling and gathering Exotic, Local, Inaccessible Products and Services, for the world to sit back and take note of!

Wayfarerr is a bridge connecting and interlinking such Products and Services to its consumers at the widest interlinks in the nation and around the World. We are a global platform for entrepreneurs of micro to large businesses, to display and sell their products or services, autonomous to their locations.


With an objective to provide consumers with a divergent service experience and direct access to quality products from the Creators themselves, Wayfarerr reduces and eliminates the costs added into the supply chain. Our motto is to help consumers ‘Go Beyond!’ with products and services that are crowd sourced, unique and inaccessible. The creators of these products and services include Artisans, small time Creators,  young and upcoming Entrepreneurs, Rural self-help creative groups, Agriculturists,  Students and Homemakers among many others.


Wayfarerr is a catalyst between the Buyers and the Creators, thereby helping them to make the most of each other. Every Creator is provided an opportunity to join the bandwagon of the digital world by assisting them to open their businesses to a larger audience via hassle-free access to worldwide markets. We consider that it is our duty to digitally uplift the larger sections of the society who do not have the access and knowledge of the Technology and Market access.


Running a business has never been this easy. Internet today has become the biggest stage for any form of business. Buying and selling products & services on a platform like Wayfarerr not only propels small time businesses across cities and villages, but also accentuates our creators into joining the new age culture of digital marketing. Wayfarerr aims to bring together quality products from every field directly from the creators to the consumer. Local creators will be enabled to establish a bigger impact in bigger consumer markets, wider recognition amongst the consumers and a balanced alliance via Wayfarerr.


Our Human Initiative is to empower economically challenged and technologically crippled entrepreneurs and creators, who share our vision to connect to the world market, to generate more revenue and to better their livelihoods. Through this initiative, we are promoting local, handmade/ manufactured creations on a global platform and make these creations stand on par with international products.


And most importantly, we aim at cultivating self-reliance and organized business practices amongst the upcoming and existing creators all over the world.