Human Initiative

Albert Einstein once said “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”.

The world might debate whether that is completely true, Wayfarerr aims at turning that upside down. At Wayfarerr, we believe in serving the humanity with the help of technology. Our Human Initiative is to empower the economically challenged and technologically crippled entrepreneurs and creators by providing them a platform to market their products and services.

We aim at bridging the gap between the creators and the buyers through technology. A technology that will boost their sales and revenues by training, guiding and supporting people to develop products and services by utilizing and monetizing their existing resources. The creators are guided to make the most of their own resources like their homes, Way of life, Farms, Culture, Tradition, Skills & Craft and products that are Homemade, Handmade, Natural, Agricultural, Artistic, Geo-specific and others that are unknown due to lack of market awareness or access.

Along with Technology, Wayfarerr also extends a hand of support in Marketing, Sales and Ground network and helps them create a direct market access to their products and services. Wayfarerr aims at building people’s business and lives, so as to make them financially and personally independent.

As a part of Wayfarerr’s initiative to empower small time businesses and services, we are giving them a platform of digital media and marketing, both in the Urban and Rural sectors of the society.


With an alarming number of migrants moving from villages to cities in search a better livelihood, there seems to be huge divide between the urban and the rural, leading to a diaspora. On one hand where an urban city has the luxuries and comfort of infrastructure, socio-economic conditions and opportunities, it also plays a major role in the degrading mental and physical health of a person, social stress and pollution. Similarly a rural society offers both the clean and fresh lifestyle of a village atmosphere and the unprocurability of other resources, technology and education. It is, however, ironic that both urban and rural sides complete with each other’s voids. What one lacks, the other has in abundance. Rural side has nature, clean, fresh & unadulterated air, and a stress free living that will take care of most of the problems of the urban lifestyle. Urban side has the financial strength and means to afford a break in the countryside to rejuvenate their cells, in the process, eliminating most of the problems of rural areas created by the lack of opportunities and financial means.

We take this as a responsibility to bridge the gap between the two divisions of the society. Every time a customer transacts on Wayfarerr, he/she, will be inherently playing his/her part in our efforts to eliminate this problem.

As they say good things don’t come easy; on our journey to successfully implement our plan of action, we face numerous hurdles on our way. A few of those include Creators lacking knowledge of Information Technology, Lack of internet access or knowledge, Remote and inaccessible locations with poor connectivity, Lack of access to bigger markets, Lack of support groups, Societal isolations, Language Barriers and Illiteracy, Exploitation by middlemen, Financial access impediments, Lack of organization and planning skills and Conviction.

We as a team are putting in all our strengths, efforts and energy to fulfil our dream of helping develop a business practice and module in our country. As a member of the society you too can be a part of our movement and help us help others. You can become an aggregator of products and services from rural sectors thereby doing your share. You can launch your products on our platform, also helping us take a step ahead. You can write to us to know more about how this works. We have a special programme for students that will help them in supporting the communities around them and help themselves with income to support their education, along with an entrepreneurial head start.