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Wayfarerr's Students Programme is one of it's kind, wherein Students are encouraged and groomed for being Entrepreneurs for their entire lives and there by creating self-sufficiency.


Students from rural areas in the emerging / developing / under-developed regions or Countries are encouraged to be self-sufficient from day 1 with no overheads. Students from the urban areas are encouraged to be self-sufficient and support their needs but with an additional request to help their counterparts in the rural areas in order to ensure self-sufficiency that will lead to the halt of exodus / migration of the talent / people/ youth from where they belong, in turn ensuring the preservation of tradition, culture, art & craft of their native and ancestors.

This programme involves a - z of seeing everything from the point of view of business & humanity, irrespective of the stream / disciple from which the Students are attracted from including but not limited to - Engineering, Management, commerce, Arts, Architecture, Science, Medical et. al.




Entrepreneurs shape economic destiny of nations by creating wealth and employment, offering products and services, and generating taxes for governments. That is why entrepreneurship has closely been linked to economic growth in the literature on the subject. Entrepreneurs convert ideas into economic opportunities through innovations which are considered to be major source of competitiveness in an increasingly globalising world economy. Therefore, most Governments in the world strive to augment supply of competent and globally competitive entrepreneurs in their respective countries. While developed nations have a reasonably good pace of entrepreneurial supply, most developing countries suffer from dearth of such entrepreneurs. This is one of the reasons for the poverty in developing countries, despite their rich resource endowments.


Head Start


The society, by and large, has a distinct preference for service/decent job, that provides economic security and access to power that be. Youth get exposure to this kind of pro-service culture since childhood. They grow up with a job-oriented mind-set, and seldom think of entrepreneurship as a career. The educational system also rarely exposes the students to entrepreneurship; prepares them for a job instead. Even if someone with a high entrepreneurial aptitude wants to set up a business, she/he is discouraged by a host of adverse factors: lack of adequate access to information on setting up and operating a business, procedural hurdles, lack of start-up funds, lack of adequate networks and mentoring support, difficult access to technology, lack of a supportive system, operational difficulties, and the nightmare about the consequences of failure.


By taking advantage of our Students Programme, You will learn entrepreneurship in the real world and gain the perspective of making business out of almost nothing. Entrepreneurship that is self taught out there in the real world will prepare you for the life ahead in whichever direction you choose to proceed in the future.


Wayfarerr enables students to concentrate on Entrepreneurship without ever worrying about the so called procedural hurdles. You can start your business within minutes and get creative. You will learn to understand market and it's dynamics at a time of your life when you have nothing to lose but gain. Last but not least, You will get the most important head start that is needed, even before you graduate and step out in to the highly competitive world!


Starting Trouble? Get Started


Let your imagination run wild. Think about all the possibilities that can be made in to business.


Wayfarerr supports listings of products, Services and Virtual / Downloadable Products. If you are creative / talented, enlist your creation and see how the world responds, which can be measured using the sales metrics for your listing. From own creations to academic discoveries, from homemade products to exotic locally available services, from creating products and services from what is available around to aggregating creations of rural artisans..... the list is endless. You can start your entrepreneurial journey out of anything you can lay your hands / mind on.


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Reap Benefits


Students are set to gain immensely by being part of this programme. Not to mention: Earning capabilities while studying, Acumen in identifying entrepreneurial opportunities in everything you see or do, A head start that bridges your intellectual gap between education and the real world and last but not least, a possible opportunity to work for Wayfarerr!


To top it, Wayfarerr will provide an additional 20% discount on Trading Fee in order to encourage Entrepreneurship at student levels, along with the ZERO registration & listing cost to go with ZERO hassle as a start.


Possible opportunity to work for Wayfarerr


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To avail benefits under Students Programme, provide a copy of valid Student Photo ID issued by College/University, where required.


Bonus: Interactive session with the founder of Wayfarerr


If you are a group of 20 or more and interested in arranging an in-person interactive session with our founder in your Colleges / Universities, on 360° approach to Entrepreneurship and life, write to